Monday, December 21, 2009

Pet-tek Products Proving Their Value to Pet Store Owners

Over the past 3 months I have been working closely with our local Global Pets in Leduc, AB. We have developed a standard store setup as well as training materials to educate their staff. All of our efforts have been to maximize profitability while ensuring that the customer walks out of the store with the best product for their pet at an affordable price.

Educating the staff helps to make sure that the customer purchases the right pet supplement the first time, saving the customer time and money.

The owners of Global Pets in Leduc have said that having a standard store setup shows the customer that they have confidence in our products, instilling in those customers that they are buying a high quality pet supplement at an affordable price.

Over the past year Global Pets has been continually increasing the amount of Pet-tek supplements that they carry due to high customer demand. They started with our Re Gen line and have added all the new products we have released. They now carry the full Pet-tek line of supplements.

Pet-tek products are available in more than 400 retail outlets in Canada. Now that we have seen the success of the model in Leduc, we will be offering to implement the same program in all the stores. This will ensure that customers all over the country are receiving the same high level of service when they go to buy their favorite Pet-tek products.

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