Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hair Loss, Coat discoloration and Hot Spots in Dogs and Cats

Everyday I am asked for advice from pet owners on how to best supplement their pets. The second most asked question is my dog or cat is loosing his/her coat what can I do to stop this? My reply is always the same; I ask them a list of questions and then identify the cause of the issue and suggest possible remedies.

Hair loss and coat discoloration are two of the most common problems that bring dogs and cats to their local animal hospital. There are a number of reasons for hair loss and coat discoloration; the more common ones can be diagnosed by just asking yourself few simple questions. How old is the pet? Is this common for the breed? What has changed in your pet’s environment? Have you changed their food or diet? How often is your dog or cat bathed and with what? Asking your self these simple questions can help to diagnose the coat and/or discoloration issues your dog or cat is having. Then when you have answered these questions and you have narrowed it down to the cause, use the Internet and other reference materials available to come up with possible treatments for the causes. In some cases it will be as simple as you changed their food and the new one does not contain the essential nutrients they need. Or just like our skin, your pets skin will dry out in winter and they may need a food supplement like Wild Salmon Oil or other products naturally high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Although most skin and coat issues can be easily diagnosed and treated with food supplements, some may require a consultation with your vet.

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